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Specialists in Leadership appointments in the

Energy industries


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Search Services

Nordman Partners is a Search Company specialising in Leadership & Specialist hires in the Energy industries, with a particular focus towards the UK and Scandinavian markets. Our specialist market sectors are Drilling & Well and Renewables.

Our focus is to find the best talent for our clients every time. We do this by looking beyond the obvious in everything we do, drawing upon a wealth of experience in recruiting high profile professionals in these fields. We offer bespoke search solutions centred around thorough research and identification processes and rigorous assessment methods. 

We are flexible and here to work for YOU in the search for the best Talent.


Nordman Partners offers different services all with the same objective – to identify and attract the best talent to your organisation. Our range of services enable our clients to find the best solutions for their assignment.


Cross Border
Advisory Services

Executive Search

The Executive Search service is aimed at C-Level, Vice President and Director appointments and involves a highly comprehensive and detailed search and assessment process.


Through this process, we will aim to map all potential candidates for the assignment – active and passive. The shortlisted candidates will go through a detailed interview and screening process assessing and exploring their experience, competencies, personality and motivations in order to establish a fit for the assignment.


We will be highly involved throughout the process and act as an Advisor to our Client and the prospective candidates until the appointment is made and beyond.


All of our retained executive searches come with a 6-month guarantee period, and value added services such as Market Intelligence reporting, Salary Benchmarking and Competitor Mapping.


Professional Search

Professional Search involves tailored Search solutions for Professionals at Middle to Senior Management level in your organisation. Professionals at this level are often the most important assets in an organisation. This type of search recognises the importance of such hires, and meets the needs of clients that want a headhunting service that may be less complex than an Executive Search.

We will work with you to define the profile and put in place a Search Solution tailored to your requirements.


Targeted Headhunting

In highly competitive marketplaces, the best talent for an assignment is often known by an organisation before a search has even been initiated. Organisations may be reluctant to approach them due to ethical reasons, or they may not know the best approach to take to maximise the chances of attracting them to the organisation.

Don’t leave this to chance, let us handle it for you!

We offer a flexible pricing solution for Targeted Headhunting.


Nordman Partners has a competitive advantage through its many years’ experience operating in both the UK and Scandinavia, assisting companies
in the search for the best talent.



Expanding into a new country is a high-risk exercise for any company. Nordman Partners has a wealth of experience not only in finding the right Leader for such assignments, but also in preparing and advising companies about the potential challenges they may face.


This could include not only advice on the profiling and recruitment of such a hire, taking into account the cultural differences and different business practices, but also Business Support services assisting with the whole process of moving into a new country.

"It's how it is done around here"


Search Continued

Nordman Partners are able to identify and steer our clients in the right direction when it comes to cultural differences and how business is conducted in the desired location. Management styles and expectations differ greatly between UK and Norway and again in each Scandinavian country. When expanding into a new country it is imperative to be sensitive to these when establishing your business.

Review of Business Case

Experienced Industry Advisors available to review your business case and assist you with your Market Access Strategy, as well as drawing upon Nordman Partners’ previous experience and case studies of companies entering the UK / Scandinavia.

Profiling of Required Candidate

We work together with you to define the profile needed and create the brief for the assignment, taking into account the local market conditions and the potential challenges identified.

Local Search Process

Conducting a local search process utilising our local network and knowledge to identify the best Talent for the assignment.

Business Support

With our Scandinavian roots and presence in the UK we are ideally placed to support any businesses looking to expand between the UK and Scandinavia. As well as being your partner in the hunt for the right Talent, we also offer services assisting companies with practical issues when moving into UK / Scandinavia.




We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you to support you in achieving your goals and objectives.

Talent Management

Do you know who your key Talent is – internal and external? Who will determine your success in the future? Do you have an action plan for the key Talent that will bring you success in the future?

We can draw upon our experience and give you advice around Talent Management for your organisation. Let us help you to take control of your future success!

Sourcing Plan and Internal Cost Savings

Many organisations wish to do more of their own recruitment and subsequently save on recruitment costs. We can work with you to advise on a Sourcing Plan and help to set you up to use available resources such as LinkedIn effectively.


We know where to find what you are looking for”



Vidar Berge



Vidar has 14 years of experience in Leadership recruitment – in Executive Search, Recruitment and Consultancy. He has recruited top Executives into C-Level positions, Middle Management and Technical Experts in a variety of industries.

The majority of his experience comes from the Oil & Gas and Energy industries, although he has also gained experience from industries such as Automotive, Medical Technology, Advanced Manufacturing, Electronics & Software, Maritime and Offshore Renewables.

His past recruitment experience comes from a leading global specialist recruitment company, where he achieved record performances both as a Headhunter and Senior Manager. In this role, he spent a large amount of time in Aberdeen and Norway responsible for their Oil & Gas business.

Vidar has extensive experience recruiting in various countries and handling cross-border assignments, and is an active member of the Norwegian British Chamber of Commerce. He has successfully delivered on searches in the UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Brazil, UAE and Malaysia.

He holds an M.Sc. in International Business and B.Sc. (Hons) in Business Management from the University of Salford. He is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and ICoTA.

Vidar now spends his time in Bollington outside of Manchester or in Kristiansand in Norway, unless he is found travelling across the UK and Scandinavia with Nordman Partners.


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